About Poison Ivy Quiz

You may have heard the phrase, "LEAVES OF THREE, LET THEM BE"
Except that phrase may keep you out of the woods altogether, because there are many plants that look alike or mistaken for Poison Ivy as we have tried to show with the quizzes.

The purpose of this website is to help you to identify Poison Ivy, so try a quiz or two from the list above.

Poison Ivy grows as a shrub, vine or climber, has 3 leaves, can be shiny or matte, hairy or smooth. Most often the leaves match the other side of the other leaves on the same stem. The notches on the leaves can be small to large or the edges can be smooth. The middle leaf can have notches on both sides pointed in the middle and the side leaves may have notches on one side and smaller notches or smooth on the other side. Most often the plant is near a vine on or near a tree. In the fall, the leaves can be yellow or reddish leaves and the berries are white. Birds love these small berries, which they deposit somewhere else and that is h…

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